Tuesday, March 15, 2005

today I had the opportunity

Today I had the opportunity to talk to one of our favorite customers. Other than developing and marketing some of the most memorable and functional athletic shoewear ever known, they are also a great bunch of people with a real passion for finding great people to fuel their growth.

As part of a team that is delivering a new service or technology, you wonder when that moment will come when you can begin to talk about other customer successes. That time had come and passed a few weeks ago.

But today, I found myself with so many examples of customer successes that I had to choose which ones to talk about. I actually was tripping over which one to highlight. Can you imagine that I already have a "library" of success stories to pull from and we are only in pilot?

Take this fact and combine it with a Jobster team that is fully commited to taking customer feedback to further refine our service in future releases, and the future looks bright for Jobster.