Wednesday, March 16, 2005

on Martyman, for a sec

Marty and I started working for Jason almost 1 year ago. I say working for Jason, because at the time, there was no company yet- only a concept that Ignition Partners had full faith in, thanks to Jason's ability to paint a picture of an industry in need.

I mention the Martyman because is he one of the most under-rated pioneers in the recruiting industry that I know of. He was a key participant and designer in one of the first ATS products, defining an entire software sector. I can go on, but take my word for it that he has had a major impact.

On Marty for a sec- It has been 12 months, and I love this guy. I love him because, in joining Jobster, he continues a career-long passion of adding value to the life of a recruiter through technology innnovation. I love him because he values personal relationships above all else. I love him because he has the grounded perspective to keep us all honest. OH- Did I mention that he is the primary builder of the recruiter experience in Jobster? Rightly so...rightly so. I will be the first to tell you that Marty will remain quiet about his history, and is content to be one of a handful of smart people behind the Jobster service. Go Marty.

Let me get back on track -my point is that Marty told me the other day that my new hobby of blogging was a form of marketing & not my true thoughts. Of course, I argued with him incessantly about how that was NOT true. We have constructive arguments all the time about Jobster- but they continually challenge me to be more customer-centric.

I admit that I only write what I want people to read about... is that marketing- or is that just plain human nature? I only share what I want others to read- true for sure. But that approach is not blog only- that is what we do for anything.

Readers of this blog: I COMMIT that I am only writing about REAL things on my mind. I am only writing about things I REALLY care about. I am only writing about things that I REALLY think about. No BS here.

While I believe that Jobster is the Google of the recruiting industry (Shhhhhh! don't tell anyone I think that- it is not yet been approved by my Marketing VP!), I am not going to use my blog to build anything up beyond the plain facts. Marketing- Shmarketing!

dot dot dot. enough said.