Wednesday, June 21, 2006 adds to Jobster

Ever since helping found Jobster in early 2004, I have been drawn to the industry thought leaders, mostly who I have sought out via the blogosphere. Of course, we have a great industry mind in our own Jason Goldberg and Dave Lefkow. Jason Davis at was one of the first blogs on recruiting that I started following regularly. It actually got me thinking about a blog for myself.

Not surprisingly, Jason was also one of the first blogs we talked to about job feeds and allowing blogs to create their own feeds to put on their sites. He was full of passion and excitement about how it could work. He also has had a multitude of innovative ideas about projects that we should consider taking on.

As of this month, is part of Jobster, which is an exciting proposition. Now we have a great industry voice & community that is powered and supported by Jobster, but will largely remain the same force it is today. Our goal is to give Jason more resources, leverage, and reach in his efforts to bring together all of the best recruiting content to his readers on a daily basis.

Welcome Jason, the pleasure is all ours.

Friday, June 02, 2006

the best of intentions

About 3 weeks ago I had a great idea for my project paddlespot. Why not leverage Google RSS feeds on our website and combine it with our river level database?

The experience was simple, when readers came to our website they would see that latest web content about rivers, and next to it they would see the current flow, maybe a chart, and most importantly the SMS code to retrieve the flow on your mobile phone using paddlespot.

So I built a prototype...with the best of intentions.

One flaw in my analysis. Little did I realize that a large % of the news and content that comes up on the web regarding "rivers" unfortunately has to do with drownings and dead bodies being found...