Wednesday, March 09, 2005

the new new thing

I am in charge of rolling out our company's service to our customers. Our customers are recruiting organizations within some of the most well known brands in America.

What we have built is truly a new new thing - built directly from feedback by recruiters dating back to my first days on the job-so you could say built for recruiters, by recruiters.

That being said, I am spending much of my time thinking hard about how we help recruiters make a shift and see the proactive nature and also how every use of Jobster is a value building activity. I wonder if there is an analogy for compounding interest in a bank account?

Then there are the plain facts (at a more tactical level) that Jobster will help recruiters find great people that they would not have previously found, and probably passive talent at that.

Let me give a real example; as users of our early versions of the service since Sept 2004, we are beginning to see a critical mass with each incremental use of the service. Economies of scale are at work for us as a company using our own service. My goal is to get our customers to that same point of scale & critical mass.

How will we do that? Good question- we are learning every day :-)