Tuesday, March 08, 2005

master of none - just let me contribute

Regardless of where life has taken me, I have always taken pride in being a generalist. I am not a soldier, an analyst, a product manager, a developer, a home builder, or anything else by trade. At first I thought that this was because I started out my adult life as a consultant (a.k.a big 5 workhorse)- but that is not it. My father was quick to remind me that this tendency goes back to childhood. Experiences like the Army only honed this skill - instilling focus on the objective at hand and being willing to get your hands dirty.

The jury is still out about whether I will look back and wish I could say I was a a master of foo, or an expert in blah. Right now, what I would like to be able say with certainty is that my "utility player" approach to business may be what is making me a valuable team member. Not only do I get to do a lot of cool & new things, but I will never get bored...