Monday, March 14, 2005

from "solutions" to "delight"

My team just renamed itself the Customer Delight team. For a while prior, we were the Customer Solutions team, which made sense at the time. Jobster is moving into a critical ramp-up phase now, where we will be adding up to 50 customers per week during the several weeks of launch activities- so it is important that we establish our identity early.

Delight.... this is a great word my CEO has been chanting from the 3rd floor since day one. I was slow to adopt this, because I was worried about my group being mistaken for a fancy cake frosting. It has grown on me now. Delight is a strong word, and rightly so. It sets a high bar for how we want every customer to feel when they use our service or talk to us. Delight doesn't mean we met a customers expectation or left them satisfied- it means that we exceeded their expectations. I now see what our boss is saying- our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers at every turn. If we want to truly help our customers reinvent how great recruiting is done in the industry, why would we shoot for anything less?

Oh, if you are wondering, we will be adopting a theme song - " rockets in flight, Customer Delight. Cu-u-ustomer Delight"