Sunday, August 07, 2005

looking up

I think the Seattle market is heating up in terms of new ventures. I can count about 7 ventures at various stages that friends and colleagues have embarked on, of which 2 have landed some funding (the others are more early stage). This is huge!

Having weathered the downturn at Microsoft, I am very excited to see how these next few years develop. The investment community, entrepreneurs, and start-up employees are smarter, more saavy than '99. There is a solid focus on real business fundamentals- not the funny money days of searching for a revenue model while burning $1.2 mill a month -- OK WAIT, maybe I know of one firm doing that...

I am just happy to be affiliated with these people and the pursuit of their passions. Perhaps I will write about some of these ventures here... but there won't be much I can say... but there is still a lot to glean even if you do not know the industry, the opportunity, or who it is chasing it.