Friday, July 15, 2005

what does it all mean?

Every so often I need to take a small step back and take a deep breath. The work we are doing at Jobster is a lot of fun- we are making solid progress with customers and I am constantly amazed at this team that we have assembled. Having spent some time with our WorkZoo founders makes me realize what a GREAT addition they will make to the team. I hear Mark will be running the Jobster Search team, a perfect place for him to continue on his WorkZoo vision within the context of the larger Jobster vision.

These last few weeks we saw record PR levels for our company based on a solid combination of events. More than progress in the space, I think the coverage showed our customers, partners, competitors, and professionals in general, that

1) Jobster is for real
2) Jobster is here for the long hall, not going anywhere
3) Jobster is quick to make moves when it makes sense for customers
4) Jobster will boldly help move this industry to the next evolution

If you have a chance to hear our CEO speak in the future- take the opportunity while you can.