Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Week of relaxation in the sun (and rain)

After nearly 2 years of "start-up vacations;" you know, where you take your laptop and have at least 2 hours of conference calls booked per day, I promised my family and myself that Kauai would be different- and it was.

Complete and utter disconnection from daily work was relaxing. I did, however, think about work in a broader sense, but it was more reflective in tone.

- I thought about the day I packed up my office of almost 5 years at Microsoft to join a company and wasn't really a company yet.
- I thought about my newborn son and wanting to show him to follow your gut when it feels right (not sure he will understand for a few more years though...)
- I thought about the countless meetings (in borrowed offices, no less) pouring over our product plan, or customer data, and formulating a compelling customer experience and the "guts" of our business plan.

Then I fast forward more than a year, 50 employees, 10,000 sq feet of Pioneer Square loft space, 80+ customers using, and the nearly tens of thousands of professionals that have been involved in Jobster campaigns. Wow.

No matter what anyone here at Jobster says, it has been a sprint nearly the entire time, but no doubt exhilarating at the same time. Have we got it all right every time? No, but we don't let that fact get in the way; rather we course correct quickly, validate with customers, and move on to the next big improvement on our evolving roadmap.

Go Jobster go.