Thursday, June 16, 2005

back on campus

I spent some time back on the Microsoft Campus this week, working with the recruiting team. Having spent nearly 5 years there, it was surprisingly comfortable and familiar to be roaming the halls.

Also being a hiring manager at Microsoft, I am very familiar with the challenges that recruiting faces. That is what has made coming back so fun. Just so you understand, I left on really good terms- I had GREAT boss, a great team firing on all cylinders- my career trajectory was on track. In fact, I remember telling many friends that MS was my last tech job because there was no better place to be....

Well ALMOST no better place to be :-) When you then get a call from a startup backed by the legendary Microsoft Alumns like Brad Silverberg, Jon Anderson & company at Ignition Partners- you want to pay careful attention.

Anyway- glad to have them aboard as customers... btw if want to see some Jobster blog features in action, check out Heather's blog.