Tuesday, May 03, 2005

ideas, ideas, ideas

I LOVE talking about ideas. Ask anyone who has known me since high school, and they will tell you stories about ideas I was cooking up back then. Into college and the Army, I incubated ideas, built the young entrepreneurship organization at PLU, and spent countless hours preparing for business plan competitions.

Tonight my sister ran a brilliant business idea by me as we sat after dinner, visiting. Brilliantly simple, and a perfect match for her. Immediately my juices were flowing; mind racing through the possibilities. I also found myself steering conversation back to her idea even as it naturally moved on to other subjects.

I am a lucky person in that we at Jobster are now defining the next versions of the service, and I am playing a part in that. Having spent so much time focusing on other parts of the business while our development team built version 1, I nearly forgot how much fun this is.